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  • Derek Casserly (Saturday, May 04 24 04:55 pm EDT)

    Morag Welsh, could you email me at the address below if possible.
    A close friends relative was killed in the same action as your Fathers cousin and Im wondering if you have any information I dont regarding what happrened.

  • Andrew Miller (Sunday, August 14 22 05:57 am EDT)

    This is such a great thing to have, gone but never forgot. This shows my Great aunties husband Daniel Bell 15050.

  • Adrian Smith (Monday, November 02 20 11:50 am EST)

    I'm doing research into the casualties of the Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) in WW1 and have found a man who might be added to your "Others found" section : 202040 Pte. Daniel McKenna 1st Bttn. Killed 05/03/1918. The Soldiers Died book states Born in Larkhall. Father John McKenna.

  • Douglas Finlayson (Friday, November 02 18 08:32 pm EDT)

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am very very grateful for the effort you have putting into the Larkhall War Memorial. I am the nephew of Matthew Finlayson who died in Palestine on 6 Nov 1918 from malaria. I live in Canberra Australia. I greatly appreciate the family and military details you have dug up. Well done. My adult sons will visit the grave in Beirut in the coming months.

  • Morag Welsh (Wednesday, January 25 17 01:24 pm EST)

    What an amazing amount of information available on this site. McLatchie Baxter was my father's cousin. You have put in a lot of work, so I wish you well for the task ahead. Thank you so much.

  • Douglas Torrance (Friday, January 20 17 03:29 pm EST)

    Well done and good luck with the on going project.

  • Alexander Russell (Friday, January 20 17 03:15 pm EST)

    What a wonderful directory of information you have created , congratulations and thank you. I especially like the links that you have created within the "Acknowledgement " section.

  • Jim Ferguson (Friday, January 20 17 12:55 pm EST)

    Would it be possible to meet you at memorial
    I have a few questions


Glenview Public Park,

Hamilton Road,

Larkhall, Lanarkshire, Scotland


The above photos were captured by Walter Smith at the 2016 Remembrance Ceremony.

The above winter snow photos were captured by Walter Smith.

This photo was captured by Lynne McKenzie Lochrie of Larkhall.

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