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Year Date   Name Rank
1914 23rd October   Joseph MARR Pte
  12th November   Frank MARSHALL Pte
  17th November   John MAIR Pte
  18th December   Wm. NEILSON Gdsm
Year Date   Name Rank
1915 1st January   John RUTHVEN Pte
  13th March   James DOLAN (DORAN) Pte
  20th March   James COWAN Pte
  23rd April   Mitchell SORBIE Pte
  9th May   Alexander HAMILTON Pte
      James McPHERSON Pte
      Thomas Fraser HUGHES Pte
  17th May   Abraham TORRANCE Pte
  5th June   D. McGILLIVARY Pte
  15th June   Graham RAMSAY Pte
      H. HURST Pte
      James STEWART Pte
      John STEWART Pte
      John McNAUGHT Pte
      William NAPIER Pte
  10th September   C. T. BROWN Sergt
  25th September   C. A. M. ANDERSON Piper
      P. O. BOYLE Pte
      Abraham CRAW Pte
      John CRAIG Pte
      James CUNNINGHAM Pte
      Alex. RUSSELL Pte
      Connel KERR Pte
      Daniel FERGUSON Pte
      Frank SMITH Pte
      Harry Gibson FLINT Pte
      J. F. POLLOCK Pte
      James SPALDING Pte
      John B. SMITH Pte
      John BLACKWOOD Pte
      John SWINTON Pte
      R. L. MOORE L/Cpl
      William DICKSON Pte
  26th September   Joseph BURGESS Pte
      Thomas WATSON Pte
  27th September   David BEATON Corpl
  28th September   Andrew HAMILTON Pte
  13th October   Nicholas ROWAN Sergt
  19th October   William ANDERSON Pte
  26th Oct0ber   Allan McLACHLAN Pte
  27th October   Hugh WATSON Pte
  4th November   Thomas MILLER Pte
  19th November   W. G. BOYD L/Cpl
  27th November   Robert STEELE Pte
  7th December   John GRADY Pte
  21st December   John PERRIE Spr
  27th December   James GOLDER Tpr
Year Date   Name Rank
1916 7th January   Thomas SANDS Rflmn
  30th January   Robt. BORLAND Pte
      Walter CUNNINGHAM Pte
  25th March   Wm. LAIRD, D.C.M. Pte
  27th April   David FERGUSON Spr
  29th April   John JESS Pte
  4th May   Frank MOORE Pte
  5th May   Gavin SIME (sic) Corpl
  7th May   John FRAME Pte
  11th May   James BURNS L/Cpl
  31st May   Andrew MARR Gnr
  4th June   Peter DOWNS Pte
  5th June   David HUNTER Sergt
      George REID Pte
      Peter BURNS Pte
  1st July   John GRENFELL Pte
      Richard HAMILTON Pte
  6th July   Alex. HOLMAN Pte
      J. H. FLEMING Corpl
  9th July   Alex. WATT Gnr
  11th July   Wm. BARR 2/Lieut
  12th July   James WOODS Pte
  14th July   J. WARDLAW Pte
  18th July   Duncan STEWART Pte
  19th July   Patrick CARROLL Pte
  20th July   Thomas LEES Corpl
  23rd July   Henry FERGUSON Pte
  24th July   John PERROW L/Cpl
  28th July   Wm. PERRIE Pte
  13th August   John MARTIN Pte
  18th August   Alexander MUIR Pte
  22nd August   William SIMPSON Pte
  24th August   John PERRIE Pte
  3rd September   George FRAME Pte
      Robt. MONTGOMERY Corpl
  4th September   John SHEDDENS Pte
  6th September   Andrew REILLY Pte
  8th September   David BROWN (#1) Pte
  15th September   Charles CURRIE Pte
      Wm. WALKER L/Cpl
  17th September   James HUNTER Tpr
  21st September   A. B. McCOLL Sergt
  25th September   W. D. WHITELAW Pte
  27th September   J. B. STRUTHERS Lieut
  28th September   Robert SORBIE Pioneer
  1st October   Wm. SPALDING L/Cpl
  12th October   John STEVEN, D.C.M. S. Major
  18th October   Alexander CLARK Pte
  19th October   R. LYON Pte
  22nd October   R. M. DOCHERTY, M.M. Sergt
  23rd October   Daniel BELL Pte
  29th October   David CUTHBERTSON L/Cpl
  5th November   Charles McLAUGHLIN Pte
  13th November   Gilmour STEEN Pte
  14th November   J. G. WATSON, M.A. Sub Lt
Year Date   Name Rank
1917 2nd January   Alex. McDOWALL Pte
  13th January   George MARSHALL Pte
  2nd February   Thomas THOMSON Tpr
  3rd February   Alexander SMITH Siglr
  20th February   Wm. MOFFAT Pte
  11th March   Charles ANDERSON Corpl
  12th March   Kenneth ROSS Corpl
  29th March   J. G. JACKSON Pte
  5th April   Daniel McGHIE Pte
  6th April   David DICK, M.A. Pionr
  9th April   James WALKER Pte
      Peter HAMILTON Corpl
  12th April   Gavin CRAIG Pte
      James NEILSON Pte
  15th April   George CROSS Pte
  19th April   H. ORR Pte
  22nd April   John McLUCKIE Pte
      Robt. LAIRD Gnr
  23rd April   John BANKS Pte
  27th April   James RAE Pte
  28th April   James EWING Pte
  3rd May   A. ALSTON Pte
      Jackson RUSSELL Pte
      John GOLD Pte
      Sam. RODGER Pte
      William NICOL Pte
      Wm. FREELAND Pte
  4th May   James T. BROWN, M.B., C.M. Lieut
  12th May   James MARSHALL Pte
  20th May   J. MOODIE Pte
  27th May   Wm. ARNOTT Pte
  11th June   James WILSON Pte
  14th June   Corbet BANKS Pte
      George WOOD Pte
  24th June   Thomas HURST L/Cpl
  26th June   Archd. BROWN Spr
  28th June   D. KEIRS Spr
  10th July   Claude MILLER Pte
  11th July   W. WILLIAMSON Pte
  22nd July   Henry RITCHIE Pte
  25th July   Wm. DAVIDSON Pte
  31st July   Thos. W. MORRISON Pte
      James SHIELDS Corpl
  10th August   Gavin B. STUART Pte
  19th August   Wm. MALCOLM Rflmn
  22nd August   James BONE Pte
  27th August   James McEWAN Pte
  1st September   Wm. KING L/Cpl
  20th September   Alex BERRY L/Cpl
  24th September   Robert HENDRY Pte
  26 September   Hugh O'BRIEN Spr
      R. BLACK Sergt
  27th September   Joseph WEIR Pte
  10th October   John McCORRY Spr
  21st October   John MUIR Dvr
  31st October   Alex. McGHIE Dvr
  2nd November   D. STEEL Cpl
  3rd November   James McKAY Gnr
  21st November   R. S. FRAME L/Cpl
  23rd November   Robt. MUNN Pte
  24th November   Peter McMILLAN Pte
  27th November   Chas. POTTER Pte
  30th November   John BLAIR Pte
  4th December   John LAMBIE Pte
  19th December   Matthew McKENZIE Corpl
Year Date   Name Rank
1918 9th February   Louis COWIE Spr
  2nd March   Robert BRUCE Pte
  21st March   J.F.A. ORR Sergt
      Geo. S. THOMSON Pte
  23rd March   Thos. F. McGHIE Pte
      John M WILSON Pte
  24th March   Hugh GIBB Pte
      Walter ALLAN Pte
      John SCOTT Pte
  25th March   James WILSON Sub Lt
      Wm. McINTOSH Seaman
      M. MACKAY Gnr
  27th March   Archie WILSON 2/Lieut
      James WHITELAW Spr
  28th March   David SIME (sic) Pte
      George KERR Pte
      Thomas THOMSON Pte
      Wm. STEEL Pte
  28th March   Robt. CUTHBERT L/Cpl
  2nd April   Chester GILLON Tpr
      Robt. FRAME 2/Lieut
  7th April   David BROWN (#2) Pte
      David R. R. WATSON L/Seaman
  12th April   John DELANEY Pte
      Lachlan McLEAN, M.M. L/Cpl
      Robt. C. HISLOP Pte
  16th April   John HISLOP, M.M. and Bar Corpl
  30th April   Wm. DEVLIN Pte
  16th May   James WELLS L/Cpl
  22nd May   Wm. GOLD Corpl
  6th June   McLatchie BAXTER Pte
  16th June   Archibald HENRY Pte
  17th June   Donald McINTYRE L/Cpl
  26th June   Thos. BLACKLOCK Sglr
  28th June   James KELLY Pte
  24th July   Robert DOWNS Pte
  1st August   Thomas COOPER Pte
  8th August   John KEIRS Pte
  9th August   Robt. PARK, M.M. L/Sergt
  18th August   James BRUCE Pte
  23rd August   Robt. MILLER Sergt
  27th August   John S. H. HAMILTON Dvr
  31st August   James LIGHTBODY L/Cpl
  12th September   Robt. STEWART Seaman
  15th September   John EMSLIE Pte
  17th September   George BELL Pte
      Hugh CONNACHAN Pte
  19th September   Robt. J. TODD Pte
  22nd September   Peter PARK Sergt
  27th September   James McNEILL Pte
  28th September   George A. CAMERON Pte
  4th October   Alex. POLLOCK Dvr
  7th October   Gilbert RUTHVEN Gnr
  22nd October   Robt. McCARTNEY Pte
  23rd October   Wm. HILL, D.C.M., M.M. Sergt
  26th October   George MUIR Pte
  6th November   Matthew FINLAYSON Pte
Year Date   Name Rank
1919 27th January   Daniel McGHIE Corpl
  4th February   Thomas MUIR Gnr
  16th April   Wm. F. CRAW Pte
  27th April   James LIGHTBODY Capt
Year Date   Name Rank
1921 20th April   Joseph ELDER Gnr
  27th September   Archd. HISLOP Pte
Year Date   Name Rank
N/K Not Known   John BRUCE Tpr
      M. O. BOYLE Pte
      Thomas MUNN Spr
      John SIMPSON Pte
      James SWEENY Pte


Glenview Public Park,

Hamilton Road,

Larkhall, Lanarkshire, Scotland


The above photos were captured by Walter Smith at the 2016 Remembrance Ceremony.

The above winter snow photos were captured by Walter Smith.

This photo was captured by Lynne McKenzie Lochrie of Larkhall.

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